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freezing temperature and frost. freezing temperature and frost.
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>> police overwhelm san jose college campus after several reports of a gun man on the loose but tonight the lock down is over. good evening i'm dan. search for gunman now called off. this began at 4:30 this afternoon with a text message about a man with a gun. these are pictures from the city college times. police going door to door on campus but right now all indications are that the san jose city college campus is safe. 7 news reporter jon is there live for us tonight to walk us through
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exactly what happened there this evening. john? >>reporter: well first off everything is back to normal. the all clear was given at about 7:45 tonight. nearly 4 hours after this situation started. now just after 4:00 o'clock the san jose college dispatch got a call from someone saying they were approached by another person who had a gun. man described as wearing a white t-shirt. after that police descended on the tech center where classes and final exams were taking place. students alerted by text. some students also texted themselves from the student center and financial aid center and as precaution places swarmed that location. san jose police 911 also got a call. as a result heavily armed officers went through all 5 stories of the tech center where some journalism students were finishing their final exam. >> basically they came enthusiastic a side door the
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adjoining classroom and ordered us hands up. drop the camera. drop whatever you are doing. and at which point they told us what they were going to do. they were going to frisk us. check our bags and let us out. >> i don't know if this was a hoax. obviously we didn't find the suspect. i don't know if it was a prank or hoax but again we take everything seriously. we don't let anything to chance. so we responded with the sense of urgency that is really necessary when it comes to these type of situations. >>reporter: once again no gunman found. no shots were first. no one matching the description was located. however the investigation is continuing as to how this all transpired. that call to the college police dispatch was recorded but it is not electricityable. that was a 7 digit number. the college does not have a 911 center. there may be better luck with the call to the san jose police
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department. there was no surveillance video from this as a matter of fact the president here said they are in the process of getting surveillance camera for this college and also classes tomorrow here at san jose city college. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> all safe at san jose city college tonight gentleman searchers tomorrow start looking for small plane that may have crashed in yosemite national park. single engine plane disappeared from radar monday night over the park. only the pilot is on board. the plane had taken off from santa barbara for mammouth. nobody reported seeing the plane. it's a miss stroov. >> now the proof undeniably changing the country from sandy hook and shaking up national debate on gun control that was intractable until now. nra is breaking its silence. 4 days
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after the connecticut school shooting. in a statement the group says the members were quote shocked, sad and heart broken by the news. the group also pledged to quote help make sure this never happens again. more coming apparently from the nra. plus body blow to the maker of the rifle used in the massacre. as today one power ful hedge fund in california with ties to newtown said it's time for action. all this as president obama signals how far he will go to reign in assault weapons. 2020 anchor chris cuomo begins our coverag coverage. >> each body buried calls for change. white house voicing support for new gun law and renewal of the assault weapon ban. weapons that fire bullet in rapid succession with each pull of the trigger. the business community also proving to be potential catalyst. investment manager announcing the sale of the stake in the biggest maker of assault rifle rifles. what prompted the move
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may instructive. union representing california teacher said it was reviewing the decision to invest 500 million dollars with server because of the connection to bush master. >> teacher feel very strong and passionate about this issue. >>reporter: nevada advocate see this as strive for culture change making assault rifles taboo. >> a lot of people are now getting behind and understanding at the end of the day not necessarily the dollar that counts but the sense of what they are doing with the money. sense of the type of weapon we are selling to the general public. >>reporter: in the wake of the shooting sales of assault rifles have jumped. the question is how deep is any change? for answers we go directly to those at the center of the conversation. teachers pension of the biggest state. and the largest makers and seller of assault rifles. >> i'm calling to see if wal-mart if bush master. >>reporter: 6 states responded 2 definitely invest in maker of assault rifles. none has followed california lead yet. on corporate side dick sporting
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good reported it is removing some model of assault rifles nationwide for the time being. other major gun seller only wal-mart got back to us saying no assault rifles are come off the shelves. but for the first time they removed an ad for assault rifle out of respect for the loss in newtown. >> chris cuomo reporting. in the mean time classes resume today for most of the children in newtown. school in nearby monroe connecticut is being prepared for the student of sandy hook when tame for the youngsters to return to class. >> laura is in the newtown village of sandy hook tonight and she filed this report. >> you are worried about going back. >> yes. yes. >> it's a community still anxious. as children return to school in newtown, connecticut. class were his back in session today at all schools except sandy hook elementary where 20 children and 6 staff members try to protect them were murdered last friday. >> i know a lot of people are nervous. people really don't
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want to be here. >> as parent who send our children to school and we want to see them back. we want them to come back home. you know we want to hold them and hug them and love them and we want them to come back home. at the end of the day. >>reporter: mean time in monroe a welcome sign hangs across the street from the shut erred middle school that is being transformed in a campus for displaced sandy hook stichbilitys i hope they are able to cope witness. i don't know if they are ready to even go back to school any time soo soon. >>reporter: funeral continue today for those killed at sandy hook. this morning 2 back-to-back services for 6-year-old school mates. first for james mat then for jessica rico. >> horrible horrible tragedy and it's something that is deep in my heart right now and i just wanted to be here to support the town. >> hard to get the mind around it. you know. that someone so young would leave us in such a peaceful community over such
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horrific event. >>reporter: at one point the 2 families crossed paths. exchange somber hug. knowing all too well what the others are going through. not wishing it on anyone else. >> deep sadness with intense love at the same time. tears you down to the very fabric very fabric of your being. >>reporter: now while as you all reported the nra finally broke the silence today. we have seen very little discussion about the whole gun issue here in sandy hook. i saw one man out here for a short time holding a sign that says something to the effect it was the shooter not the gun. he was here for a short time then a group of people walked up and asked him to leave. in sandy hook, connecticut abc 7 news. >> let's move on now to drop in the temperature coming tonight. this the will be the coldest night of the season as you look live at the city of san francisco tonight. spencer is here with a frost alert tonight
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experience. >> you are absolutely right. very cold night. clear skies as you can see and absence of clouds and winds later lighter temperatures will plummet tonight. we have a freeze warning in effect between 3:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. for much of the north bay. north bay hills and valleys the low temperature range from 25 to 30 degrees and of course freeze damage the crop and vegetation is a possibility. now for much of the remainder of the bay area a frost advisory is in effect with same hours tomorrow morning 3:00 o'clock to 8:00 o'clock. low pressure in those areas from 28 to about 34 degrees. just above freezing but most location below freezing. acceptstive out door plants may at risk. now this will not be the coldest night of the year. that was january 17 got down to 51 degrees in santa rosa and 19 in napa cold enough to rank as coldst nature of the season so far and there's rain coming as well. tell you a little bit about that late near cold and rain thanks very much. >> popular photo sharing app instagram is backing down from
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controversial policy change that would have allowed your photo to be sold to the advertisers. but as jonathan bloom explains, this decision came too late to stop a public relations nightmare. >>reporter: word spread quickly among the users that proposed change to the term of service will let the personal photo sold by use for advertisers. >> i wouldn't want my picture sold without my knowledge. >> i can't take pictures. i don't want to take the risk. >>reporter: electronic frontier foundation said risk would be big. they would give uprights to keep the photo private. >> there's really very few restriction ins terms of how advertisers could use your photo. >>reporter: they could show up in a tv commercial. >> yes. show up in next to content around the web. >>reporter: he suggested maybe it's not the photo they want. >> they want and can use is the data that's attached to those photo whether your location. certain key words. >>reporter: that would be for advertisers to better target
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you. now that it's owned by facebook they say instagram has to make money. >> facebook users revolt all the time and facebook never changes anything for them because they are running a business. >>reporter: complaints from users were so loud instagram couldn't help but hear them and they listened. in a late afternoon blog the co-founder said instagram is backing down. in a lengthy article he tells users it's not our intention to sell your photo. we are working on updated language in the terms to make sure this is clear. he added they plan to remove language that would have allowed your picture to be part of an advertisement. but 0del says there are plenty of other ways instagram can still use your information. for those truly concerned. >> recourse is stop using it. nobody is forcing you to. >>reporter: one said she's headed that way not just with instagram. >> i don't know how much longer i will be using facebook because of these things happening. >> facebook. bay area teenager takes to facebook to support
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the school shoot interconnecticut. what he said and what police are saying about it tonight. that story next. >> plus. >> we don't have a gun problem in this country. wave people problem. >> gun advocate stand firm after state lawmakers get tough about ammunition and weapons. bay area driver finds himself in a pretty tight spot. find out where he was going and why he was allowed to drive away. >> and the silicon valley heavy >> and the silicon valley heavy weight in the running for times
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>> hard as it is to mreevrjs a fair field teenager made fun of the school massacre in connecticut and threatened massacre of his own on facebook. it's in poor taste but is ate crime. as george explains, police are not taking any chances. >> a lot of people write meaningless things on facebook but fairfield police worried that the young man who posted comments following the massacre in connecticut was serious about what he wrote. sergio complimented the gunman who slaughtered all those people saying quote i give him prop for the small children. they are smaller harder targets that can hide. and ominously he wrote i legitimately have wanted to go into a mall and shoot people to see what it is like. luckily for everyone i
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am a saint person and probably won't ever do that. we went to his home and met his father at the front door. who explained his son was just being a foolish kid. >> i'm terribly sorry we can't make any comment at this time. >>reporter: at the high school where he once attended, a friend said she was certain that he meant no harm. >> no. i think because of his personality i think he was just playing around but there's a point where a joke goes too fa far. like and he definitely crossed that point. >>reporter: he later replaced the offending comments with an apology. but fairfield police were not convinced that it was sincere. >> he soften up a little bit. i'm a teenager a lot of times i say whatever is on my mind. whether mass murder or the clouds or scuba diving. you are going to walk like a duck we are going to treat you like a duck. i don't know what else we can do about it to be safe.
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>>reporter: police don't know whether charges will ultimately be filed but if nothing else a couple of hours here in the county jail sends a strong message to this teen and others to think before they post. in fairfield, george warren, abc 7 news. >> san lee app dro police search for man!manslaughter suspected of robbing a downtown bank late this afternoon. officers with weapon drawn swarmed the area around the plaza on east 14 street. this is video. man walked into a u.s. bank branch and passed a teller a note demanding cash. it was believed that the man was armed. >> chp officers face quite an unusual challenge new england marin county today. how to free a driver who wedged his car on to a bike path. the elderly driver was trying to get on highway 101 near green bray but got confused. he drove on to a bike path and found himself completely stuck. >> vehicle wedged itself in pretty well. so we actually
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had to pull witness a tow truck and once free another officer was able to get in the driver seat and back the vehicle out. >>reporter: officer had to scratch and scrape the car to willing it loose but it worked. he backed out after that. 8 87-year-old driver told abc 7 news he was on his way to get an eye exam at the department of motor vehicle and he made a wrong turn. poor guy. nobody hurt. >> let's go back and talk more to expense we are the weather forecast. temperature really dropping tonight. >> yes drop sharply tonight. very, very cold weather for all the bay area but especially up in the north bay. live view from the high definition east bay hills camera at boulder peak. lacking back across the bay to san francisco under clear sky was temperatures plummeting. which means falling rapidly. let's look at live doppler 7 hd under clear skies with winds calming down now. temperatures are dropping rather significantly. down to 38 degrees right now at napa. fairfield 39 at santa rosa. these may our coldest spots
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overnight but if the winds continue to be brisk they may not drop quite so low as we had earlier thought. right now we lack at wind gusting to 22 miles per hour at half moon bay. gust to 20 miles per hour in no have the o. much calmer winds in other parts of the bay area and as the winds continue to get calmer under clear skies we see temperatures dropping sharply. we expect frost freezinging in some spots overnight. raining on thursday and will go for several days. low pressure overnight. we expect drop down to about 26 degrees at nap a.27 at santa rosa. 29 at fairfield and low 30's in many other location so all of the bay area will feel a bit of a chill overnight. composite image shows high pressure dominant feature in the weather at the moment but with clear skies we expect cold weather overnight. very for to the south bringing out cold air out of the gulf of alaska. speaking of the gulf of alaska. next rain maker comes from that area as well. moving in on thursday so start our forecast animation at thursday morning at 5:00 o'clock. two
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days ahead now beginning of rush hour. a little bit of rain already in parts of sonoma county so most of the day we see the rain staying well to the north up in the upper region of the north bay. northern sonoma county and mendocino county. 5:00 o'clock thursday afternoon. most of the remainder of the bay area still dry. but overnight thursday into friday morning we see the rain becoming more weighed spread and more and 5:00 o'clock friday morning rush hour we see wet spots all over the bay area front sweeps through with showers trailing behind the front on friday that the afternoon and evening hour hours. so by friday at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon we expect possibly up to 4 inches of rain in the mountains maybe 2 inches in some other parts of the north bay but much lower total in other parts of the bay area. on to the sierra we have winter storm watch in effect from thursday afternoon to saturday afternoon. we expect 2 to 5 feet of snow above 4000 foot mark. several inches as low as 3500 feet and chain
9:22 pm
control travel delay certainly likely. back in the bay area tomorrow some clouds up north but otherwise partly sunny to mainly sunny day. cool with high pressure only in the low to mid 50's. monterey bay milder mainly mist there and accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have rain beginning sweeping from north to south on thursday. winter arrives friday morning at 3:12 pacific standard time. winter rain liky sunday and clearing out and drying off on christmas eve and christmas day monday tuesday. >> winter feels like it is here. >> i think it is. early arrival. >> thanks so much. >> pg&e unveils plans for a state of the art facility in the east bay. aimed at preventing another northern california gas disaster. that story. >> network news reporter tell about the 5 day he and the crew spent in captivity and how they managed to make it out alive. stay
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sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies.
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>> breaking news in northern california. 60 cars have crashed on i-5 near the border with oregon. it's closed northbound. started when a semi slid on ice. that start add chain reaction crash. the crash scene is now 2 miles long from what we understand. no word yet on any injuries but massive pile up. well kidnapped tv journalist richard engle says he never thought he would make it out of syria alive. he arrived safely in turkey today. he and several other journalist were captured by pro government militia fighters in syria last thursday. they were held for 5 days. engle says his captors would ask the prisoners who to somewhat first and fire bullet while the prisoners blindfolded. >> 5 day were his very difficult. we are very happy to be out. we are very happy
9:27 pm
to be back in turkey. we love being here. we love this country. we appreciate all the help. last 5 days are days we would rather for get. >>reporter: engle was freed when a rebel group attacked his captors. chinese police have arrested more than 500 members of a dooms day cult for spreading rumors about the imminent end of the world. dooms day believers have flocked to both builders in the hope of buying an arc. chinese police say the believers pose a threat to social stability. the cult has adapted the mayan professor if i sthai meaning the world will end december 21. dams day believers exist everywhere but china has the highest percentage apparently. >> back here. cal-trans today appointed the first woman to be the state chief engineer. carla will be responsible for all engineering aspects of the department construction projects across the state. she will oversee 9,000 employees
9:28 pm
and annual budget of nearly 2 billion dollars. she has been with cal-trans for 26 years. times person of the year will be known tomorrow but 2 ceo from silicon are among the fineist. yahoo and apple found e o are in the running. an cook replaced steve jobs last year when the former ceo passed away. the other 6 nominee include president obama. bill and hilary clinton. egyptian president morsi and undocumented americans. we shall find out tomorrow. >> come up. major step toward equity for women in the military. the decade long ban on its way toward being lifted. >> plus. i'm if sacramento. in response to the connecticut shooting state lawmakers introduced more gun control la laws. state treasurer wants to
9:29 pm
pull investment money from gun manufacturing firm wlichlt do you think it will go at this point. >> i have no further comment. >>reporter: plus local lawmakers pre-sides over financial reforms after a sz is.l he brought on himself
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>> shooting in connecticut has brought cry for new gun law all across the nation. in california law make versus begun introducing new bills. here is annette on 3 proposals today. >> what i have in my right hand is a 22 magnum. >>reporter: state senator prison posing that california require all ammunition buyers to get an annual permit from
9:33 pm
the department of justice which will fingerprint and perform background check to those who apply. los angeles democrat says in light of connecticut he's determined to fight the powerful gun lobby. >> in honor of the victims and the thousands whose have preceded them we must not capitulate any longer. i have had it. >>reporter: state senator reintroduced a bill that prohibit semi-automatic weapon from having bullet button which allow those guns to be easily reloaded with multiple rounds. >> we will go to court. >>reporter: gun owners of california says these further restrictions are unconstitutional. in fact they are challenging a previous bill by senator requiring stores fingerprint customers who buy bullet for hand guns. >> we don't have a gun problem in this country. we have a people problem. certain segment of people. until we put our focus on dealing with the things that would make a person go from normal to evil, we are going to continue to
9:34 pm
have this problem no matter what gun laws we have. >>reporter: state treasurer is take thing a different tactic. instead of more gun control laws he's proposing to pressure gun manufacturers. he wants the state biggest public pension fund to pull the investment from company that make weapons that are illegal in california. they apparently have ownership interest in the firm that makes the bush master assault rifle which is one of the weapons used in connecticu connecticut. >> they expose our communities our families and our children to unnecessary violence. >>reporter: the pressure may already be working. private equity group with controlling stake in the firm that makes the bush master just said it's selling its share. in sacramento, abc 7 news. big change in insurance coverage for women in the military. senate committee today approved an amendment to the defense authorization bill. it extends coverage of abortion to women who have been raped. now this list decade
9:35 pm
long ban of abortion coverage for military rape victims. house expected to approve on the final version of the defense bill later this week. mean time ireland taking a step toward looked engine its strict anti-abortion policy. the government says it will draft legislation to legalize abortion in case where is the pregnancy pose asterisk including from a woman's own threats to commit suicide. this decision comes in ireland after the death of a woman denied an abortion. 2 convicted bank robbers rappel down 15 stories of chicago prison and hoof it to safety today. prison spokesman says the 2 men m giver their way get away gear from bed sheets a reference to the tv series in the late 80's. man hunt is now under way. tonight pg&e showing off the location for its new natural gas control center. when finished it will become the nerve center for the system when it is running normally and in an emergency critical part of the response. as l heather explains, this new approach
9:36 pm
comes after a costly disaster. >> them ty snais a san ramone office building will one day be the gas control center. this space and another next door house 1600 people responsible for keeping the gas system running smoothly and responding when it doesn't. >> we are going to have under one roof our gas mission control operation and gas distribution control operation. going to be medley adjacent to our emergency dispatchers and all of our reliability planners will be on the same floor. >>reporter: when a gas transmission line failed and exploded in san bruno in 2010 gas control was spread out over a number of locations all across the bay area. although the technology performed adequately human confusion and difficulty interpreting data contributed to the slow response. pg&e gas executives say new technology and consolidation should change that. in part by having all kinds of real time information
9:37 pm
coming in to the same place. >> so whether a phone call coming in from a customer that they smell gas or information coming in from the control center about changes in pressure or flow all that information then would be available in one location. >>reporter: senior director of gas system operation mel christopher says they are also working on new tools to predict trouble before it happens. utility is hoping it has a lot less trouble with its gas system going forward. it has completed miles of pipeline inspections testing and replacement. and it has begun installing automatic remote control shut off valve. >> i can never guarantee 100 percent because there are so many potential risk that you are guarding against. that's what we are trying to do here. to demonstrate we are doing the things that really make a difference. >>reporter: the new control center should be completed in the middle of next year within take las vegas of new monitoring tools in the field continuing for another 5 to sings years. this is abc 7 news. breaking news. 60 car
9:38 pm
crash on i-5 near the california board we are oregon. authorities have just closed the south bond direction that means both north and south are now closed. we understand at least one person is injured and was air-lifted from the scene. this started when a semi slid on the ice and that start add chain reaction crash involving 60 cars or so. the crash scene we understand is 2 miles long. >> and investigation continues in allegations that a santa clara county supervisor misused county credit card but fellow board members today passed new policy to prevent future abuse. david has the story from san jose. >>reporter: ironically the man on the hot seat was running the supervisor meeting. george is the president of the board. his colleagues are trying to tighten policy and procedures when supervisors use a county issued credit card. >> the actions we are taking today are an important first step in restoring the public trust in this board. >>reporter: that trust has been shaken by county audit
9:39 pm
that suggest that over 4 year period his office spent over 3 30,000 dollars in public funds that violated existing rules. george and the other 4 supervisors voted unanimously to approve stricter rules however the district attorney office and the state fair political practice commission are conducting their own investigations leaving a cloud over george. >> i disagree there's a cloud but obviously i take responsibility for my actions and i was glad to move for the arrested nancy. >>reporter: where do you think this will go at this point. >> notify further comment thank you. >>reporter: expenses by supervisor wills now be reviewed faster the. >> be compiled in procurement and then forwarded to me. so i will be reviewing them as as they come in. >>reporter: county executive jeff smith acknowledged that expense ins the past were not subject to a thorough audit. >> what has been called an audit is not truly an audit. what happens is on a regular basis finance looks at the expenditures and make sure that
9:40 pm
all the paperwork is in place. >>reporter: county assessor larry stone believes public trust will be restored by the changes. >> that's why we have to clear it up. we have to clear it up quickly. we have got to make sure that our policies are not only solid and sound but they are enforced on a regular timely basis. >>reporter: in the mean time the district attorney office isn't saying where the investigation into supervisor george stands n.san jose, david, abc 7 news. more to bring unite. coming up. simple way you can help a local school raise money for campus garden and do it without using your
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>> alamo elementary school in contra costa county is hoping to be the little school that
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could. school is attempting to win a national grant and they have turned 7 on our side michael finy to help. >> this is katie kindergarten class at alamo elementary school. they are excited about a planned school garden and what will be planted there. >> tomatoes. >>reporter: this is the plan an amazing teaching space. here is the reality. how do you get from this. to this. in these tight financial times? well, you get creative. >> you n contact 7 on your side if there's something you you feel you need somebody to get the word out about. we need the community behind us. >>reporter: alamo elementary isn't asking for your money they want your vote. again and again over the next couple of days. >> this is our fabulous simple message. we just need the votes. >>reporter: text this number and use this code 26 53 p bf and you help alamo elementary
9:45 pm
school. how? by voteing in a clorox grant program that gives money to schools. >> this program is the school grant program launched 4 years ago and it gives school programs that are in financial need the opportunity to earn up to 50,000 dollars. >>reporter: there are 7 grants and 4 good to the schools gathering the most votes. which brings us back to her kindergarten class. >> we have to water. every day. what else do we need to doyshtion what else? l why, vote. 7 on your side. >> vote vote vote. well an amazing scene near seattle. days of rain proof too much for this hillside. you are going to hear from the guy who took these incredible pictures. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00 continues in just a
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>> highway patrol says an icey road likely led to 60 car collision tonight on interstate 5 near yi rica. the section where the pile up happened is closed while the crews clean u up. the crash apparently began after semi truck lost control on plaque ice and ran that a concrete wall. there are reports of injuries. at least one person was air-lifted from the scene. stormy weather is getting the blame for a major mud slide in everett, washington that is disrupting train service there. reporters have the exclusive and dramatic video. >>reporter: after hours the rain soaked bank above the track lang shore man hill started rolling. >> can't believe the actually
9:50 pm
happened. >>reporter: 75 foot wide slide slammed that a moving burlington northern santa fe freight train near the port of everett derailing and crunching cars on the track. >> man it screws came down and took out that rail. >>reporter: as containers crumb pel he realized he could be in the perilous path. >> i thought the rail cars would pile up and come through the fence and get me. so i was trying to get out of the car. everything came to a stop. >>reporter: still he sum up what he saw in two words. >> holy bleep. >> you have the two wordy sues peg. one last check on the weather now. let's update with spencer. >> i'll be using different exclamation. let's look at live doppler 7 hd. clear 68. temperatures beginning to drop rather sharply overnight tonight. we have a freeze warning in effect for the north bay hills and valley from 3:00
9:51 pm
a.m. to 8:00 a.m. low temperature dropping between 25 and 30 degrees an of course that could pose a little bit of a threat to sensitive plant frost advisory in effect for most of the remainder of the bay area for the same hours so it's chilly all around and tomorrow state wide look for sunny skies but relatively cool down south. up in the northern part of the state we have mixed precipitation. and here in the bay area tomorrow we have cloud thickening during the day. rain probably won't arrive until thursday but it's cool tomorrow under partly sunny skies. high pressure only in the low 50's most part. here's 7 day forecast. we have rain developing late thursday continuing through friday which by the way is first day of winner. rain hickly on saturday. showers on sunday and finally clearing up and drying out on monday and tuesday christmas eve and spas day. >> excellent perfect time for christmas. >> absolutely thank you spencer very much gentleman sports director larry is here. warriors are playing and a's are dealing. >> yes. they are both really dealing yes. a's new short stop and new hero. turns out that's the same guy. he's
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. scare on campus. very latest on the threat that led to the lock down at san jose city college tonight. >> outrage over an airborne policing plan. tonight the east bay city that could vote to become a no drone zone. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but larry is here with some college hoops tonight. >> we have stanford. cal. warriors. game just went fina final. start with cal. training to find the rhythm and win also before pack 12 play begins bears on 3 gym skid hosted uc santa barbara tonigh tonight. berkeley he is always ready to goth got the head band on. richard solomon baseline here. strong in the hole. and 15-9 bears early on defensive end. in the pasting lane. steal to crab. hang and hitting. terminator thurman.
9:56 pm
10 in the first half. do you know how much money i send down there for tuition and this is what i get. come on. chance on the phone not acceptable. any way there is wallace to ricky for the sweet reverse and the bears are leading actually went final 68-59 see right there. stanford dealing with giants cardboard cut out. in raleigh taking on north carolina state. cut out is cj lease lee the block on dwight powell there. aaron off the bedroom. wad maybe the best purchase shooter in the country. corner 3 then catch and 3 top of the key at 15 in the first half. all on 3. john gauge turned away by jordan. brown throwing down. uncontested. late first half. stanford disrupd the outlet pass. powell underneath. he's having a nice season. slam. team high 23. but the wolf
9:57 pm
pack leading all the way. to howl. nc state a winner. 8 88-79. women basketball. third rank bail or just clobbered tennessee. scored 9 of the first 11 points. bears started with 17 unanswered. odyssey sims off the steal. lasts it. corral it and score scores. it was a bad odyssey. for the lady as baylor wins in a 76-53. a's introduce new short stop today and he comes from japan. he says we can call him hero. he's an 8 time all star in the japanese major. 2 year deal worth 6 and half million dollars plus incentive. he fills the void left by the pennington and drew. he has swing of power hitter but hit only 11 homer last season. big swing looks like he should hit more than 11. career 300 hitter. 30-year-old infielder know about the a's success this
9:58 pm
past season and clearly working on his english. >> i also want to finally dance with. >> i think his bat what he has been known for in japan and also won award with gloves as well. i think the more we got that this thing beyond the scouting reports the more we felt like this was a great fit for us. >> what do you know about the oakland a's and what reasons did you want to sign here? >> billy bean is extremely sexy and cool. but that's only one of the reason why. >> first rule. kiss up to the boss. never hurts. >> back from spectacular road trip the warriors back home tonight looking to kee good times rolling hosting 5 and 18 new orleans hornet for a little while. david lee named western conference player on
9:59 pm
the week. he should be on the all star team. get on the band wagon here. then curtain with authority. how about the subtle pump fake no. 1 pick davis show and go finger roll. 19 in the first half for lee. brian anderson quick trigger out of cal 24-19. second quarter. great ball movement. alone in the corner. golden state up 10. more of the same in the second half. the up fake. fly by. and good. then transition. reward the traile trailer. oh, yes. karl land dry throwing down hard but the hornet hung around. former warrior. he dunks and this was a 5 point game. warriors seal the deal late with curry at the line and it is a final 103-96. warriors win. finish one a scene from the raiders game.

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